Style vs Fashion: What's the difference?

by - 8/27/2015

Style and fashion are usually used interchangeably but are the two terms really same? If not, should you be more stylish or more fashionable? While that is a personal choice, we look at the difference between the two.

Lets understand the literal meaning first,

Style - The way in which something is said, done, expressed or performed
Fashion - The prevailing custom as in clothes and behavior

Fair enough. So while style is something which has been more acceptable for years (if not decades), fashion is the new kid in the block.

Fashion is dated, style is timeless. Fashion is what you see on the ramp, style is how you make a decision of what to wear today. Which brings us to another difference, while fashion is the latest trend, style is much more personal. Fashion impresses others, style expresses yourself.

Men's fashion - On the ramp, the latest, the upcoming
Men's style - On the road, tried, tested, timeless
It is important to understand the difference between the two. With this understanding, when you go out shopping looking for Green Chinos, you already know that its the latest fashion and may get outdated in a couple of years so you can do away by spending a little less. At the same time, when you are out buying Blue Denim Jeans, you are assured that it is a style item and something you can invest more in since you can easily wear it for years to come.

Once again, should you be more stylish or more fashionable is a personal choice. Hopefully this article helped.

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