Suits - 7 things to consider

by - 8/27/2015

Gentlemen, a suit is the most coveted piece of every man's wardrobe and thus requires additional attention while making the buying decision. Suit is an expensive item and can be used for years to come. It is thus best to keep it more stylish than fashionable.

The best step forward is to get one custom made unless off-the-rack interests you more. In either case below are the 7 things to consider,

1. Fit
First and most important thing to note, if the shoulders don't fit, the suit jacket cannot be altered to fit you. Slim silhouette is in and if you are in shape nothing like it. At the same time, if you are going for a tailored suit don't get all excited leaning towards a skinny fit. A skinny suit, especially sharp fitting trousers doesn't exude a formal look and may not fit in a couple of years.

2. Single vs double breasted

Single breasted suit jackets are more classic and widely available. Double breasted provides a more formal look.

3. Number of buttons

Two buttons at the front are most common and versatile. Three and four buttons befits taller men the best. Keep one button restricted to casual wear and tuxedos.

4. Lapels

Peak lapels are always found on a double breasted suit jackets. Single breasted accepts all the four with notch lapel being the most common.

5. Pocket

Flap pockets are almost out of sight especially because flaps can be placed inside to turn them into besoms which is the most common style. Patch pockets are suitable for sports jacket but not a formal suit.

6. Sleeve buttons

Although they are rarely functional, all suit jackets will have sleeve buttons. The most common styling is three buttons with four being more formal of the two. The buttons should be closely stitched together unlike what the image suggests.

7. Vents

Suit jackets may or may not come with vent. Ventless is the most fitted of the three but is also the least formal. Double vents are most formal while single vent is most common.

Do share your tips for making a buying decision.

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