Top 3 anti acne face wash for men

by - 8/25/2015

Nothing stresses out a teenage guy more than... well okay its his virginity. But then if there is one more thing that stresses him out, its acne. 90% of men in their teen and tween years experience some amount of acne and 0% of them like it. Below are the top 3 anti-acne face wash that helps the situation,

1. Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash

Not specific to gender but is very effective on men's skin. Helps in excessive oil removal which is acne causing bacteria's food. A little pricey though but stands out from the crowd in its functioning

2. Garnier Men Acno Fight

While we may remember Garnier only with its "Take Care" tagline marketed by a lovely lady, the brand is "taking care" of men too. The Acno Fight face wash has a tingling sensation and effectively dries the skin out

3. Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Wash

Again not a product specific to gender and works perfectly on men's skin. Less expensive than Neutragena but equally effective. They have recently introduced many other variations but the original wins the race

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