Top 5 Problems of the Sharp Dressed Man

by - 8/23/2015

Movember (not to be confused with an incorrect spelling for November) is a month for men to support and raise awareness about men's health issues around the World. There are two ways to do it,

#1 - grow a moustache this month and tell people about Movember when they ask about your ever-so-stylish, dashing and rock-solid Mo

#2 - donate for charities that support Men's health (more info at

That is all that this blog will talk about Movember because this isn't about Movember, this is about the art and science which you develop the understanding of when you grow your Mo! Growing a Mo isn't easy, it takes a lot of efforts, time, care and patience. So when you grow a Mo you inherently grow an interest in taking care of yourselves. You start to ensure you are at your stylish best, you start dressing yourself up and you don't leave the mirror until the guy in it looks ready to rock 'n roll! However, there is a downside to all of this.

The World that we live in isn't a fair place at all. A woman can spend 2 hours getting ready and be called gorgeous, but if a man does the same, he is either considered feminine or gay! Whatever happened to gender equality! And it doesn't end there because there are certain problems only the men that like to dress sharp would relate to. Below is my list of the top 5 problems of the sharp dressed man (and yes, I use memes to express them created on the website memegenerator)

#1 - The secret of dressing is in the layering

#2 - Wish it was black

#3 - God is in the details

#4 - I resemble Downey Jr in the mornings

#5 - Because a Pocket Square is NOT a handkerchief

Keep calm and suit up! :-)

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