Getting the men's shorts right

by - 9/01/2015

Vacation time, be it the beaches of Goa or the Jim Corbett National Park of Uttarakhand, we men pack 2 pairs of shorts and are good to go! In this article we deal with men's shorts and how to rock them like a boss.

When to wear
No points for guessing that shorts are casual wear so keep them away from anything remotely formal. Apart from vacation, shorts are good for spring, summers, whenever the temperature is on the higher side or when you are just lounging around at friends' place. But shorts are typically a daytime clothing item so if you are going out in the evening you may want to avoid them unless you live in the Caribbean or Hawaii.

The right fit
Two things to consider are - Fit and Length.

Fit - Shorts that are too loose should be avoided. Too baggy shorts will add bulk to the upper half of legs giving out a chicken-leg impression.

Length - General consensus on length is just touching the knees. Anything below that gets in the zone of what is colloquially known as "3/4ths" while anything above is in the zone of boxers.

What to wear with
Shorts can be easily paired with tees and shirts. Polo tees are the easiest to pull off. Round off the look with sandals or sneakers. You may want to avoid dress shoes, boots or any other high top shoes that cover the ankles. Always go sockless with shorts.

Don't forget to share your tips for men's shorts.

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