How many watches does a man need?

by - 9/01/2015

How many watches does a man need?

First answer is NONE! Come on, the one thing a watch does is tell you the time/date and your mobile phone does the same thing. So do we really need a watch in the wardrobe?

Yes, we do!

While mobile phones are doing what watches do and probably in a better way, a watch is still necessary. For one its more convenient than a mobile phone especially in cases when you are, lets say, driving. But the bigger deal is the impact a classic timepiece can make on the overall look. A watch completes your look.

Now the number of watches in a man's wardrobe may differ based on age, lifestyle and personal preferences. Some people are watch enthusiasts and will own as many watches as shoes in their wardrobe. At the same time, for others one watch would be more than enough.

But since we agree on how watches are important we close the debate with a minimum of one. If you are going to own one, we side with a classic silver metal strap chronograph to make sure it goes with both formal and casual avatars.

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Gentlemen, watches add substance, style and statement to a man's look. How many do you own?

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