How to avoid the helmet hair

by - 9/01/2015

They say there are two types of men in the World - Bald and Balding.

For those of us who still have hair, no proofs needed for the fact that we love our shining locks. But we love our motorcycles too. The knight in shining armour doesn't come on the horse anymore, he is probably riding his bike somewhere!

Combine the hair and the bike and the result is urban man's biggest dilemma - Helmet! Helmet and hair are each other's worst enemies. For those of us who have no escape from the helmet be it safety reasons or law compulsion, below are the three points that may help in a peace treaty between the two.

1. Avoid helmet on wet hair
For starters, wearing helmet on wet hair will screw up the hairstyle. Also the moisture is bad for the inner cushioning of the helmet too so avoid this situation at all costs

2. Consider a headband
The inner cushioning of the helmet is usually non-washable which means everyday dust, dirt and all kinds of stuff gathers in it and stays there. We can save our hair and head from it with a headband

3. Restyle at destination
This one's simple. Once at destination we can always restyle our hair. Men's hair spray will come immensely handy with this

If none of the above works, the best thing to do is acceptance. Accept the fact that the hairdo will be messed up everyday. The other solution is to go with very small haircut.

Do share your stories of hair and helmet.

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