Pump up the Polo!

by - 9/10/2015

Lacoste is a brand one can easily identify with Polo t-shirts. A little fun fact, Rene Lacoste was a French tennis player who introduced this t-shirt in 1929 and placed a crocodile on the left because "the crocodile" was his nickname!

Also known as Golf Shirts or Tennis Shirts, Polos have been around for quite a while. A polo t-shirt is the least formal shirt of all the collared shirts. But notice how it still looks more formal than a crew neck tee? Yes, that's the magic of the Polo. When a tee is too casual and a dress shirt is too formal, the Polo steps in.

Ideally, Polo tees have "Casual Fridays" written all over them. Another great thing about the Polos is the fact that they come in a ton of solid colors. If you have a favorite color, chances are you can get a polo t-shirt of that color!

A Polo may sometimes come with a longer tail which signifies that it should be worn tucked in. That brings us to pairing options and frankly polos can be paired with dress pants for a more formal look or with jeans, shorts and chinos for a casual environment.

There are high chances that you already have a Polo t-shirt in your wardrobe, do share how you like to dress it.

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