Top 3 men's skin care tips

by - 9/02/2015

Gentlemen, rough and rugged is what defines us but at the same time we may want to make sure that it doesn't define our skin! Skin demands attention and apart from the stuff that we already know of i.e. drinking alot of water and proper diet we look into other simple tips for men's skin care.

1. Exfoliate
Twice a day. No exceptions. In addition to removing excess oil and dirt, exfoliating also removes the dead skin cells giving the chance to new, young, lively skin cells to show up on your face

2. Moisturize
Moisturizing the skin is important. Protection from the sun is even more important. The problem is those ads that show only women being affected by sun rays but we men are no exception. Luckily, alot of products in the stores offer both moisturizing and sun screen, choose the correct one for your skin type

3. Wash your face
Don't be a slob! Wash your face every time you are back home, when you wake up, about to sleep or any other time you feel like. Don't let the dirt and oil stay there as that is beginning of most skin problems

Don't forget to share your skin care tips.

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