Dressing up at a startup

by - 10/05/2015

Manish Vaswani, the founder of the startup fullscoop.in answers some questions on men's dressing up rules at startups.

1. As a startup, the company does not usually have a dress code, but if there had to be a dress code for startups that reflect its culture, what do you think it would be?
- For our startup, we'd be better to keep informal dress code, as we are a creative ad agency and average age group of Scooper at Fullscoop is just 24. Jeans-Tshirt suits us more. Also, more the freedom at work is provided, more the productivity could be provided by team. 

2. Startups are known for casual environment but how important do you think it is to dress up formally when meeting potential VCs and clients?
- I believe the influential VC's that any start-up looks for, focuses more on intellect, team, and business idea. However, for VC meet formal should be preferred as it provides a message that we are taking the meeting & VC seriously for our venture. 

For clients, we decide as per the client's take. For say the owner of biggest client who is 40 years of age, and meets once in a year, we'd prefer proper formal dress code as adhere. Whereas, clients who are quite informal, of similar age, are more impressed to deal with creative agency who are original in with them, so informal is preferred here.

3. Since you must be involved in hiring for your company, do you think what an applicant is wearing is an important component of the first impression?
- Yes, it does. Like we'd prefer wearing formals for important client meet or for VC, as it does conveys a message how important this meeting is for the person. However, there are other factors which matters as well. For say, if a person is coming for interview in shorts and t-shirt, and is showing me how he developed mobile app for Yepme or any big website, focus would be on how could we work together to create something valuable, and less on dress code.

4. Personally speaking, are you more of a dress pants and dress shirts or a jeans and t-shirt guy?
- Jeans & tshirt. :)

5. Finally, what is your advise on men's style for our readers.
- I'd advise young readers to keep a variety of wearings in wardrobe, and be flexible in style. You may have to modify style as per the situation / meeting frequently.

So there you have it from the boss of a startup himself. At a startup, while its good to focus more on work and less on what you are wearing, do not take important days and meetings lightly. With Urban Purush at your side, you are always ready to set your best foot forward.

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