Movember Special: The 5 types of mustaches

by - 11/25/2015

Movember is here! The month to celebrate and support men's health and being a man. Although being a man can be celebrated everyday but this month is special because we men are supposed to rock a mustache to show our support to the entire Movember movement. Now your mustache doesn't really have to be the plain old simple upperlip hair, below are the 6 mustaches Urban Purush recommends,

1. Horseshoe

Rocked by the famous wrestler Hulk Hogan for the longest time
this is definitely one manly piece of mustache
2. Handlebar

The one that requires the most care and grooming. Handlebar will also
require you to use wax or other hair product for the proper edges
3. Pencil

Younger cousin of the handlebar. This one is
more classic and demands lesser grooming
4. Goatee

This one has seen the most variations. From Robert Downey Jr
to Emraan Hashmi, everyone seems to have their own goatee style
5. Beard

Move beyond the stubble and go full fledged beard this Movember.
Ofcourse its a mustache, its just one that is all over the place!

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