Top 5 must have men's wardrobe items for this fall

by - 12/25/2015

Winter is Coming!

Wait no more and be equipped with the winter must haves in your wardrobe. Urban Purush takes a look at top 5 items every man must have to combat the cold,

1. Jacket - The most staple winter item is a jacket that keeps yourself warm. Go with a classic style and neutral or darker color as jackets tend to last longer than fashion. A biker jacket is a great option for an outdoorsy look

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2. Boots - The jacket and jeans combination will have no better partner in crime than boots. Boots are your go to winter shoes. Boots keep you stylish even in those extreme winter days when others are losing their style edge battling with cold

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3. Muffler - Talk about a winter item that combines style and function at the same time. The muffler or men's scarf (which is its summer cousin), although considered a style accessory at times, is one thing that is super functional when it comes to saving your ears and neck from the cold waves

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4. Turtleneck - Turtlenecks have nothing to do with you being a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan. Even if you do not appreciate the good work of ninja turtles, try sporting the long sleeve tees and sweaters with turtlenecks and you are bound to appreciate its anti-cold effects

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5. Headgear - Beanie or just a flat cap, what better time to give your brain-house a dose of warmth with a cool headgear. It keeps you stylish, warm and is a savior in those bad hair days

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Do let us know what are your top 5 winter essentials?

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