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by - 6/28/2016

Product Introduction
Suitable for all skin types.
  1. Effectively whitens skin
  2. Reduces dark spots
  3. Prevents re-darkening
The effective formula is now even better with Whitanut Vita Complex Plus - whitening vitamin complex with 10 nutrients including Whitanut that is proven by skin care scientists to whiten dull and damaged skin 10 times better than Vitamin C, It protects skin from re-darkening with SPF30

INR 95

Directions for use

Apply daily in the morning on face and neck areas. Avoid the eye area. For best results wash face with NIVEA MEN Dark Spot Reduction Face Wash first. Keep out of reach of children

Too many to mention! Refer to the image below

Skingredients check (check it out at
Not suitable for highly acne prone skin. Recommended for no to mild acne prone skin


Comes in travel friendly (toothpaste like) tube with a flip cap opening




Semi-solid but quite runny


Very good


Similar to other Nivea creams

Suitable for

Dry to Normal Skin


  • Does not leave the skin sticky or oily like many other men's products out there
  • Contains SPF 30, so you can say goodbye to a separate sunscreen
  • It does leave a whitening effect after application
  • Smell is refreshing
  • A bit pricey
  • No product in the world (and you can mark Urban Purush's words for this) is suitable for all skin types and its the same here. Not recommended for oily skin
  • Doesn't effectively reduce the dark spots although it does temporarily conceals them due to its whitening effects
  • Too many ingredients which means too many chemicals which can be a turn off for some
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