How to find a good tailor!

by - 7/23/2016

A sharp dressed man will always be in good talking terms with his tailor. But the tailor will also not just be an average Joe infact behind every sharp dressed man is a really good tailor!

But lets say you are new in the game or have just moved to a new city, how can you identify a good tailor? There are certain signs that you need to pay attention to. Take a cue from the following,

Shows his work/catalog - A good tailor will almost always have a catalog of what's trending and what are the different styles of the clothing item in question. It is a good idea to take some inspiration from the catalog

Measures your body (not your clothes) - Once you select the kind of style you will be going ahead with, lets say low waist slim fit trousers, a good tailor will measure your body and not the trousers you currently have on. A good tailor knows what slim fit means for your body type and does not need to rely on your current trousers

Style consultation - A good tailor is not just someone who will stitch your clothes and take your money, he is your style consultant. He will understand the style terminology. He will give you consultation based on your style and body type instead of simply going ahead with what you have in mind

Ofcourse it is difficult to find a good tailor but once you find one that suits your budget, don't let him go!

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