Lotus Herbals ACNEGEL Review - Purush Perspective

by - 7/17/2016

Product Introduction
ACNEGEL Tea Tree Gel, made with tea tree oil provides broad spectrum antimicrobial activity to control Pimples, Acne and Blemishes. This light, easily absorbed gel regulates oil producing glands in Acne prone skin, thereby retards the process of formation of Pimples and Acne

INR 270

Directions for use
Apply all over cleansed / washed face with concentration on affected areas. Let dry. Reapply after every 3 hours.

Water, Melaleuca altemlfolla (Tea Tree) Oil, Glycerin Trlethanolamine, Carbomer (Carbopol 940), Methyl Paraben, Sunset Yellow CI No 19585, Tartrazine CI No 19140, Fragrance

Skingredients check (check it out at acnemantra.com)
Found 0 acne causing ingredient

Comes in travel friendly transparent pump bottle

Translucent yellow

Gel type

Very low

Tea Tree Oil's smell may come off as medicinal

Suitable for
Oily to combination skin

  • Absorbs easily in the skin and feels very light
  • Works on minor blemishes and whiteheads
  • Packaging is convenient and travel friendly
  • After application it may produce the finishing shade darker than your original complexion
  • Ineffective on acne although claims to clear acne
  • Does not do anything for dark spots after two weeks although it hasn't explicitly claimed it too
  • Does not contain SPF
  • Does not provide any moisturization whatsoever. Not suitable for dry skin
  • Pricey for what you are getting
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