Add miles in style!

by - 8/04/2016

Travelling can be anything you want it to be from tiresome to exciting to boring. At Urban Purush, we may not be able to give you tips on how to make flying better but we assure you to take care of your style!

Below are 4 quick tips to make sure you are at your stylish best while catching your flight,

1. Holidays start at destination - Too many people do not dress for the travel. The holidays should start at destination and not at the airport. You may be travelling to a beach town but does it make sense to be wearing shorts at the airport on a December night? Ofcourse not! The travelling itself could become a pain if you start feeling cold in the flight or worst - fall ill!
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2. Security check compatible footwear - Security checks might sometimes be comprehensive requiring you to remove your shoes. Boots, loafers or any other shoes that don't require you lacing up could come in handy in this situation

3. Tuck in trouble - If you ever have to tuck in your shirt after the security check, PLEASE use the restroom. DO NOT do that publicly. The sight of a man doing that in public could be uncomfortable for many and not something others would appreciate watching

4. Its all in the layers - It is always a good idea to be layered up while travelling so that you are equipped in case you start feeling cold. Layering is both stylish and functional

Those were the 4 tips to add miles in style. What do you think?

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