Rock the Tee!

by - 9/01/2016

What clothing item comes to your mind when you hear the words - college, outing, pool party, hanging around?

A tee is probably the by default clothing item for every young guy out there. But are you doing it right?

You may probably think what can go wrong with a tee? Well, plenty!

Explore the look
1. The correct body type
A well fitted tee would look great on anyone who is well built. But well fitted tees aren't appropriate if you have some flab in the midsection. In which case, you may consider looser variants

2. The correct environment
Let's face it, tees have basically evolved from under shirts. So tees are casual wear and that is why they are best for casual hanging around the town, college wear (ofcourse when you don't have to make a presentation) and other such not so serious stuff

3. The correct tee
Crew neck or v-neck? Snug or loose? The correct tee would obviously depend on your body type. But general rules to consider are the sleeves length, tees shouldn't cover more than half of your biceps i.e. more than half of the distance between shoulder and elbow. The tee should be long enough to cover about half of your crotch section. Anything beyond the crotch is too lengthy, anything above the crotch is just too short!

Tees go well with jeans, chinos, shorts just about anything except formal trousers. What do you think? How good are you in the tees game?

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