Style Tips for Young Professionals

by - 9/05/2016

Whether moving from a college to an office excites you or not, the fact is that for most of us, it will happen! Stepping into an office requires a style upgrade and you are expected to look more professional. This becomes much more important if you are into customer facing jobs.

Obviously, you are expected to wear trousers and shirts or follow whatever dress code the company has but at the same time, who doesn't want to take their style game a notch higher? Let's dive into the top 3 style tips for young professionals,

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1. Shine your shoes
Simple! Everyday, keep your shoes shining. We all know why shoes matter and at a new workplace it's best to bring in your A game. Oh, and don't you dare make the single biggest men's shoe sin!

2. Watch
Whether you feel the need of a watch or not, wearing one can definitely make you appear more responsible. You come across as someone who values time. Ofcourse you can always check the time in your mobile phone but a watch completes your look and everyone should own atleast one

3. Groom
Rock the stubble
Yep, you have been following urban purush and you have been grooming all this while in college but the rules might not be the same now that you are in a professional environment. Although you are expected to be clean shaven always, thanks to the recent evolution in men's style, a well groomed stubble is also acceptable in certain industries. "Well groomed" is the key. Ofcourse doing your nails and managing your hair is a given, don't forget to take care of your skin

These tips will definitely help you take your style up a notch but ultimately what matters at a workplace is work. You need to be dependable, you need to work hard and you need to be taken seriously. Someone in a tee and ripped jeans might not be taken seriously and that's why its important to dress appropriately, especially, if you are a young professional and looking to make a mark.

Below are some handy items we recommend to keep you at your stylish best,

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