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by - 10/22/2016

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Wearing casuals is sometimes a double edged sword. You want to appear casual and be able to ‘chill’ but you also want to look presentable at the same time. The good news is that your go to pair of jeans, a rockin' tee and sneakers can also be dressed up so that you can look your casual best without being overdressed. Below are our top 3 tips,

1. Upgrade the quality
Guys, quality is inevitable! There is no substitute for a good quality clothing item. It may be a tad expensive, but it’s much better to own one good quality pair of jeans than two cheap bad quality denims. Better quality will automatically take your casual look a notch above. Good quality casual wear is undoubtedly the first step to nail the casual game

2. The right fit
If you have been a follower of Urban Purush you already know the importance of why should your clothes fit perfectly. Considering how it is very likely that you are not looking to layer up to avoid ‘overdressing’, the right fit becomes all the more important as you have nothing to hide those ill-fitted baggy shirt! Understand your body type, understand the jeans fit and make the purchase decision accordingly. Buy skinny jeans if you are a teenager, buy slim fit if you have a slim body type but don’t buy slim fit if you are by no means slim!

3. Accessorize
Another opportunity to take up your look by a notch or two is to accessorize. We don't mean sporty wrist bands but a nice wrist watch that can definitely go a long way, you can always play with your socks with pop colors or adding an appropriate eyewear never did any wrong to anyone!

Gentlemen, you don’t always have to be suited up to look your best. Go out and be your casual best!

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