How to style your joggers?

by - 11/11/2016

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If there has been one clothing item that has taken the men's fashion by storm of late, it definitely is the Joggers or Track Pants or Sweatpants or Casual Trousers.

Everyone seems to have their own name for these but, gentlemen, just like the famous line from Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet - What's in a name? And the jogger pants would look equally awesome even if they were known by any other name.

However, does that mean you can buy one off the rack and go all crazy pairing it up with anything your hands can find? Ofcourse not! This is where it is important to take care of the rest of the items to make sure you are looking your best. Let's start with the basics,

Explore this look
1. Basics - Jogger pants are casual. Read the sentence again, here - JOGGER PANTS ARE CASUAL! Do not under any circumstance try to pair them up with formal shirts or formal shoes and try to pull off a look that you shouldn't

2. Setting - Keeping point number 1 in mind, you should understand the setting you are in before pulling up those joggers. Make sure you are in a casual setting, a weekend getaway, a Sunday afternoon lunch, a stroll in the mall or the beach, yes Sir that is where joggers will come in handy

3. Supporting actors - Sneakers, Gym Shoes, Athletic Shoes, heck even Running Shoes would look good on joggers because these pair of pants have that intricate athletic feel to it. A polo, crew or v-neck tee are all acceptable partners with your joggers

And that's about the knowledge you need to rock the joggers. Below are a few curated looks just for you,

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Look 2

Look 3

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