Face Fat - How to deal with it?

by - 12/06/2016

Gentlemen, as we age we tend to accumulate face fat. So much so that face fat is one of the reasons that some of us start looking older. Well, aging is inevitable and the best cure is to embrace it and feel good about it.

But if face fat is making you look older than you are or messing up with your original face shape, its time to do something about it. The number 1 cure to face fat is *drums roll* reduce your body fat!

Yes Sir! No two ways about it! Face fat is just like all other body fats and should be treated similarly. That brings us to the biggest myth pertaining to face fat,

Spot reduction is a myth!
Now if experts were to have a sword battle, experts that say spot reduction is a myth would win because of their sheer majority! It doesn't work, don't sweat on it. Yes, there are certain exercises out there and a quick google/youtube search will fetch you results but those exercises may not fetch face fat reduction results in return

How Do I Do IT!!
Good question! If spot reduction doesn't work, how can one reduce face fat? The science says that our mid section, hips/thighs and face (in that order) gain weight the first. What that also means is that these areas tend to lose weight the first as well! So work on reducing the overall body fat and you will see the results

Check out videos from two experts on the same topic for more info, apologies on their American accents,

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