Is it okay to dress the same everyday?

by - 1/25/2017

Short answer - NO!

Yes, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg do come to mind and if those guys can be successful why can't you?

The answer is the simple reason that they are responsible for creating products that changed the World. What they have accomplished is something that 99.99% of other men on the planet won't be able to. Basically, they get the leeway of doing whatever the hell they want when it comes to style. For the rest of us, let's focus on being stylish and putting our best foot forward.

At the same time, it is important to understand the philosophy behind wearing the same clothes everyday. Below is what has been found about it,

1. One Decision Less - The fact of the matter is that people like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg as well as Albert Einstein (who was almost always dressed in a grey suit) have tons of other important decisions to make throughout the day and they want to avoid the decision of 'what to wear' every morning. This basically leads to one less decision everyday

2. Lesser Time Wasted - Add energy to this as well. Continuing to point 1, when there is one decision less to make, there is a certain amount of time and energy saved which can be put to other stuff

3. Iconic - This is the reason why you cannot dress the same everyday. Jobs, Zuck, Einstein are all legends of their respective fields and their dressing is iconic. Doesn't apply so much to us though

So while we understand the logic and philosophy behind these great men and their not so great outfits, Urban Purush is always here to help you dress your best on your journey to greatness

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