Top 5 tips to manage that paunch!

by - 1/31/2017

All of us men have our off time. An off time is when we are not in the shape we would like to be. The fact is we cannot really be in our best shape throughout the year. Maybe its the result of a wild vacation or its just a few extra KGs gained due to all the sweets at a festival. While we must exercise at all times, take care of what we are consuming and be responsible, there are times when its best to let loose and enjoy life as it comes!

So this article will help you when you have those extra KGs in the midsection and you want to manage it well. Below are Urban Purush's top 5 tips,

1. Dark color upperwear / Monochromatic look
Colors are more important than we think. Women know it and often sport all black to appear leaner. Dark colors have a tendency to make you appear a little slimmer than you actually are. So what are you waiting for? Take out all your dark colored upperwear because there couldn't be a better time to wear them

2. Low-rise bottomwear
Now you need to go a bit easy on that paunch. Let it breath. Don't buckle it up with tight pants. Wear low rise bottomwear and give that paunch the extra space that it needs

3. Untucked upperwear
Obviously this isn't something you can sport while in formal settings but when it comes to casual fridays and weekends, by all means, try to go untucked. Additional tip, when you are going untucked forget that belt which only adds up to the already quite bulked up mid-section

4. V-neck Tees
Going v-neck (and not the way too deep v-neck which simply raises the douchebag-looks level) can draw attention to the neck and face keeping your mid-section out of sight. When it comes to the fitting of the tee, do remember to avoid anything which seems too tight. And avoiding tight clothes brings us to our last tip

5. Avoid tight clothes
Avoiding tight clothes means taking care of two things. Number 1 is to simply avoid tight clothes while number 2 is to dress for the body that you currently have. While it is good to have weight loss and inch loss goals, if you are a size 34 today, buy size 34 and not size 32 (just because you will be reaching there soon)

And those were our top 5 tips on how you can manage that paunch. Although these are all good tricks, don't forget the master of them all - Exercise!

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