Chukka Boots 101

by - 2/22/2017

We have all been there. Urban Purush has time and again told you why shoes are important. We even listed the top 5 must have men's shoes to keep you informed. But what if we raise the bar and up the ante even further? What if we gave you just ONE shoe that must absolutely find its way in your wardrobe?

Confused? What about the casual and formal events? What about the Sunday brunch and night out with the boys? Are you saying there is just one shoe that can cover all of this?

Yes Sir! Enter the Chukka boots!

A true all rounder when it comes to shoes, chukka boots are your all year round and an all season shoe. Want to sport chinos during summers? Want to layer up and rock your denims in winter? Want to suit up? Chukka boots have you covered in all situations no matter what!

These ankle high length shoes with 2 to 4 eyelets often come in leather or suede. At the core of it, chukka boots are casual but can always be dressed up and that is why they will be your most versatile pair of shoes in the wardrobe

Another point to note here is that the chukka boots are not your typical shoes in trend. Unlike the ugly crocs, chukka boots are classics and have been in men's wardrobes for over 100 years. When you invest in chukkas you can be sure that they will not go out of style anytime soon

Below are some of Urban Purush's favorite picks,

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