Top 3 "No-Nonsense" trousers for office

by - 2/14/2017

We men are simple creatures. And although the idea on this website is to talk about style and put your best foot forward every single time, Urban Purush understands that some men out there do not want to put in too much effort and decision making into what to wear to the office every single day. And although you might not be in the league of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg when it comes to dressing the same everyday, it still makes sense to look into a few options that can become your go to wardrobe items.

To make sure you don't put in too much effort and still place your best foot forward, today Urban Purush is covering the top 3 "No-nonsense" color options for your office wear trousers. Now this ofcourse is with keeping in mind that your office doesn't require you to wear a suit every day and you can show up in semi-formals which is typically a long sleeve shirt and a pair of trousers. So below are the top 3 colors you need in your wardrobe and never worry about how to pair them up because they are so damn versatile they will work on all your shirts!

1. Black Trousers
Let's be honest, when you read the word 'versatile' above you were dead sure that the color black has to make it to the list. Black trousers are obviously one such pair that you can throw on any shirt and leave for office

2. Charcoal Grey Trousers
Now the color grey has a bad habit of confusing us men. There are so many shades (probably 50 as per that raunchy movie) that you may have a look at many trousers and call all of them grey or possibly dark grey and light grey. The color mentioned here is Charcoal Grey which in less fancy term is simply dark grey and this too, just like Black, can go with every single shirt in your wardrobe!

3. Navy Trousers
Let's add a bit of color to the discussion and bring in the Navy color. This humble color is dark enough to carry most, if not all, shirts in your wardrobe and you should be able to pull off an ensemble without much efforts

So those were our top 3 picks and suggestions are linked below, do you want to add another color to the list?

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