Should you wear skinny jeans?

by - 3/13/2017

You already know by now that we have you covered on everything about style be it suits or casual wear but recently a query hit the Urban Purush inbox which triggered this article on skinny jeans. And here is the million dollar question - Should men wear skinny jeans?

Urban Purush looks at this question similar to every other style of jeans. As mentioned in the article linked, Skinny Jeans are for skinny / thin men (who are most likely in their teenage). As simple as that!

If the skinny jeans are not super skinny and are infact at the border line of skinny and slim fit then men with athletic stature can pull them off as well. But most likely, there are better options for men’s jeans that will suit your body type than skinny jeans.

A few points to consider before making a decision to go with Skinny jeans are below,

- Skinny jeans are likely to grab viewer's attention to the lower part of body which is going to lead to the top section being perceived as heavy

- Based on your mid-section, skinny jeans may lead to the dreaded muffin-top look!

- Skinny jeans is basically a trend not a classic style. What's common between crocs, square-toe shoes, loose shirts and skinny jeans? They are/were all trends!

Remember to go over our article on the different types of jeans fit for more info! Also, tell us, do you wear skinny jeans?

Below are some suggestions of well fitting jeans, that will definitely work!

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