Top 3 best kept Jeans secrets!

by - 3/29/2017

Gentlemen, continuing on our coverage on men's jeans from the different types of jeans fit to tackling the question of should you be wearing skinny jeans, today we address the top 3 best kept secrets around jeans. Questions that must have hit your mind but you never found any answers to. So lets get the ball rolling,

1. Why are jeans called 'jeans'?
Great question! Infact when they started off, jeans were called 'waist high overalls'. However, jeans were very popular among the sailors from Genoa, Italy. These sailors were called Genes and soon their pair of 'waist high overalls' got the name Jeans

2. What is the use of the 5th pocket?
Also referred to as the 'coin pocket' which would probably hint at keeping coins in there, the 5th pocket was actually built in jeans as a place to keep your pocket watch! Yes Sir, the grand daddies of the later half of 19th century rocked pocket watches like only they could and the 5th pocket was the place to store it. Although pocket watches faded, the 5th pocket didn't!

3. Snap button on jeans
So all of our jeans have snap buttons at different places and they don't really make any sense, right? Well, wrong! These snap buttons aka rivets are there to reinforce the key points so that your jeans stays strong and doesn't tear up for years. These rivets are one of the key reasons for the endurance our jeans display through the years

And that's about it. Do you have any question on jeans you are unable to find an answer to? Let us know.

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