Make your wardrobe summer friendly

by - 4/11/2017

Gentlemen, summers are here. Its time to update the wardrobe and make it more summer friendly. Here are the 5 clothing items that need to be available at a hand's distance to make sure you are summer ready

1. Tees

The basic cotton tees, be it solid color or graphic, be it crew or v-neck, are your best friends for summer. These tees will come in handy when you want to throw in an outfit together in a minute and not worry about the scorching heat outside. Summers are also the best time to experiment a bit on the color front and introduce lighter shades of green, blue and some more otherwise pop colors. How to rock the tee? There you go!

2. Shorts

The lightweight shorts are your go to items to pair with the solid tees. What's the better time to give your jeans some rest and board the shorts train than summers. We have already got you covered when it comes to getting the shorts right!

3. Cotton Long Sleeve Shirts

Although solid tees are good for weekends and maybe even casual fridays, you have to appear dressed up in the office for the rest of the days and that is where long sleeve shrits come into the picture. The softer fabric paired with lighter version of colors like grey, blue and even pink is what you should be looking forward to

4. Linen Pants

Don't these have summer written all over? Linen is one such fabric that will help you feel home no matter how hot it is outside. These are mostly acceptable in office environments until you are expected to be 100% formally dressed throughout the year

5. Sneakers

Although there isn't a formal summer shoe, there definitely is a casual cousin in the form of sneakers. Be it the classic canvas or the softer foam, its time to forget those boots and double monks, sneakers are the way forward in summers

So gents, don't run away from summer, get ready and say hi to your amigo - the sun!

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