The top 4 summer must haves

by - 4/21/2017

The summers are here and if you are in India like the Urban Purush you know its the season of being sweaty! Throw away your boots and jackets, yeah, don't even look at them! Summers require a bit of a change of style and below are the top 4 accessories that are going to help you do just that

1. Sunglasses
If you can recall our epic accessories maketh the man article, you already know how important sunglasses are when it comes to function and style. It also saves you from wrinkles and the god-damn-summer-sun! And boys don't forget, summer is the time you are allowed to have some fun with colors

2. Cap
(Or a baseball cap) Continuing with our style + function combination, a cap is something that had to make an entry when it comes to the summer must haves. Not only does it save your skin from the sun, it is also stylish when you are outdoors. The cap is a casual item and Urban Purush assumes you are not wearing a god-damn-suit in god-damn-45 degrees temperature!

3. Invisible socks
Whatever you wanna call them, invisible or no-show socks are one such summer must have that they instantly bring your ensemble 5 degrees down. Pair them up with all the summer footwear be it sneakers, loafers, boat shoes or even chukka boots and do check out our previous article on how to go sockless

4. Fabric belts
The fabric belts have summer written all over them. They are the cool breeze your outfit is looking for in this scorching heat. Add them in your ensemble for and they will do so many things from adding a subtle pop to keeping the affair casual! What's more? They can go with anything from shorts to jeans to chinos!

Oh and if you haven't already checked, do go over the article about how to make your wardrobe summer friendly

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