Top 5 texts not to send to your Ex ever!

by - 5/26/2017

Alright gentlemen! So we understand its all over and it might be painful for you. If its not painful then this isn't an article you should read! Go out and have fun!

But if its hurting like a mofo then the first thing you should do is putting away your phone. Its not like you have to delete her number or something but simply getting rid of your phone is enough because if you hold on to that phone while nostalgia is mindfu*king you, you Sir, might end up sending one of the top 5 texts you should never send your ex!

1. "Can we be friends?" - NO! You don't have to be friends. And by the way friends for what? So that you can possibly meet and talk and that could possibly, just possibly, lead her to change her mind? Yeah? That's not happening. Don't be delusional.

2. "I never liked you anyways!" - Yeah, that's why you were in that relationship? Of course you liked her. Of course she blew your mind away and of course she was beautiful. You Sir, are just angry and cannot get over the fact that she has moved on! Don't text when you are angry or drunk or both!

3. "I have completely changed!" - In 24 hours? Really? Good try bro but that's not how it works. And you don't have to 'completely change' for a girl unless you are a total dork which you aren't because if you were a total dork why would she be dating you in the first place!

4. "I can't stop crying! I beg of you please come back!" - While it might be true that you can't stop crying and thinking about her but do you really want to beg someone to come back? Relationships don't work by one person begging the other to be in it. Have some dignity, cry an ocean but never beg.

5. " ... " - Its blank because it comprises of all other texts! Bottom line is that you must realize that its over and you don't have to send her any text any more!

Gentlemen, probably she has moved on and you should too. It might hurt, it might be painful but its for the better. Work on yourself, be a man! Once you realize you deserve better, letting go will be the best decision ever! *Promise*

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