How to wear a pink shirt?

by - 6/10/2017

You are probably thinking that pink isn't even a color for men, why would you want to know how to wear one?

Well gentlemen that is where you are wrong! Pink wasn't created with the venusians in mind. It was created just like other colors and you have just as much right to wear it as women. Infact, one of our favorite websites, Lookastic has provided a brief history of pink that you must definitely go over!

Excerpt from Lookastic
If anything, pink was initially considered masculine, because it was a diminutive of red, which was associated with war and power. That's why, as a paler shade of red, pink was widely used for boys' clothing.
By the late 19th century, however, with the popularity of Freud's and other psychologists' theories of infant development, parents were encouraged to differentiate their children's gender from an early age.
While variance continued for some time, with some parents favoring pink for girls and blue for boys and others doing the opposite, by the 1950s pink became strongly associated with femininity. Clothing manufacturers were also happy to promote this idea: if parents had a girl and then a boy, they couldn't hand down the pink clothes and would have to buy a whole new wardrobe for the boy. 
The feminist movement in the 60s and 70s added to the perception of pink as a feminine color by tying pink to traditional girliness. 
As a result, the unisex trend caught on with liberated mothers dressing their daughters in neutral colors. 
As with all trends, gender marking colors replaced neutral ones again by the end of 1980s. The resurgence of pink clothing for girls and blue for boys is partly explained by the fact that parents, who were brought up in unisex clothes in the previous decade, now wanted strongly gender coded clothing for their own kids. 
Fast forward to 2016, pink becomes androgynous with the so called 'millennial pink' showing up everywhere, which is not actually a color, but rather a trend for a range of colors from pale pink to salmon.

Now that we have the history out of the way, let's get back to present and look into what are your bottomwear options when it comes to a pink shirt,

1. Navy

Remember how we told you about the top 3 no non-sense trousers? Navy trousers were a part of it because it can pull off even your latest addition to the wardrobe, the pink shirt

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2. Grey

Grey is a non-color and that is the reason why it goes with almost any color you throw at it. Pink is no exception

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3. Khaki

Remember how Urban Purush advised you to consider pink for your summer wardrobe? Well khaki is what goes perfectly with it

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Which was your favorite combination of the above? And are you most likely to wear pink with?

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