Top 7 tips to style Jeans with a Sports Jacket

by - 6/14/2017

Alright gents, its summer time, the sun is shining bright and the temperature is soaring. You as a stylish gent, as an Urban Purush, want to dress better, take your game to the next level. But pulling off a suit in the scorching heat could be a bit too much. What is the next best thing?

The next best thing is a Sports Jacket. Pairing it up with Jeans has been very popular for some time now. It is super versatile, meaning you can run a Friday board meeting in it and you can also chill out with the boys at the local bar in it. The Jeans and Sports Jacket combo is easily going to drive you home out of all situations.

Consider Urban Purush's top 7 tips to ensure you are crushing it every time when it comes to this style,

1. The first tip is actually a 'style don't'. Don't try to pair your suit jacket with jeans especially if that is your only suit. Your suit needs to be ready at all times and shouldn't be paired separately as it may lead to it being worn out. Same applies to those suit pants

2. Look into the patterns available out there. This will not only help your sports jacket stand out but will also ensure it doesn't look like a suit jacket. Consider herringbone, birdseye, stripes or checks

3. Make sure you are buying the right jeans that suit your body type. Skinny jeans would suit a much more fitting jacket than something on the looser side

4. While your jeans are mostly blue, you can always experiment with the color of the sports jacket. Grey, black, tan, navy almost anything will work. Just avoid a color similar to your jeans, you don't want to give out an impression that you are trying to put together a suit

5. When it comes to shoes, and we hope you are not committing the single biggest men's shoe sin, this is where formal shoes can be made use of. But if you want to avoid the major work of making sure the formal shoes look good on jeans you can always bring in leather loafers, monk straps, or chelsea boots. Casual sneakers might not work well, avoid if possible

6. When it comes to upperwear, you can definitely pull off a round neck or even v-neck tee. A polo t-shirt can do wonders but nothing like a formal long sleeve shirt. The long sleeve shirt will compliment the entire outfit much better and complete your look

7. Time and again, Urban Purush has taught you that accessories maketh the man! Sports jackets and jeans is no different. Try to bring in the details with a solid pocket square, a metal chronograph or even a slim tie

Curated looks:

Gentlemen, Sports Jacket and Jeans is definitely an outfit that is a step above the average. It might not be totally formal or casual but it is just about right for all occasions.

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