Decoding the Hoodie - Where did the hoodie come from?

by - 7/17/2017

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In this series of articles, Urban Purush aims to put an end to all your queries and everything that you must know about the good ol' Hoodie. Lets begin with answering how the hoodie came to be.

The word Hoodie comes from the word 'Hood' which basically has the same roots as the English word 'Hat'. Makes sense right?

Hooded garments have been around for centuries and while they are typically more common among students in the present day, they were actually the clothing of the monks in the beginning. As years went by, the outdoor workers found safety and protection from cold in the form of hoodies. But come to 1970s and that is when the hoodie hit the mainstream. The hip hop culture in the US and an appearance in the 1976 iconic blockbuster 'Rocky' brought hoodies out on the streets.

Soon hoodies would come with university logos and turned into a statement of academic spirit. Mark Zuckerberg always sports one since his Harvard university days.

It is only fitting that what started as something monks would wear is now something that students usually sport.

We have more on hoodies in the coming articles so stay tuned and don't forget to let us know what you would like to learn about hoodies.

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